About the Owner/Designer

Mikayda Davine had her first debilitating episode of Meniere’s Disease on August 13, 2015.  She was working out of town and on the road when the world turned over. Paralyzing vertigo so intense the Doctors believed it to be a stroke.  That was her last day on a job.  It took three years and various tests and procedures to determine that she had a few permanent and chronic illnesses that would prevent Mikayda from being able to work. Mikayda, although accepting that she wouldn’t be able to work in a traditional environment, believed there was no reason she couldn’t use some of her other gifts to still leave a legacy for her four children. 

Mikayda grew up in Indianapolis, IN. Her mother was an Actress, so she was introduced to theatre and film at a young age. She also showed artistic talents as well by winning contests and later selling several paintings. She has been a Professional Voiceover Artist for more than ten years. She has also won awards for creative writing, poetry, and a few small publications. So, she is also writing a fantasy fiction. It was this “out of the box” thinking that gave Mikayda the idea for DavineCreations.net. In 2017 a High School friend offered her a chance to live in Las Vegas.  Mikayda saw it as a chance to restart her path.   She returned home to her relationship with God. She worked on getting healthy. She said goodbye to her mother while performing her hospice. She began to remake herself. She began to forgive herself.  She began to love herself and She wanted to shine. She wanted to be Extraordinary! But you can’t be Extraordinary without being Extra. She was looking for some affordable, crystal embellished sunglasses and realized there was a large opening in that market.  So, she started creating sunglasses.  When she had accumulated over two hundred pair DavineCreations.net was born.